Report of security and hygiene measures in Dojo Coworking Protocol against COVID-19 - Dojo

Report of security and hygiene measures in Dojo Coworking Protocol against COVID-19

Dojo Coworking is a safe place

Security and health measurement in our space about COVID-19

We are fully aware that there is some concern regarding how we will manage to go back using our facilities. We have been working hard these last weeks in order to create a new health and safety protocol which guarantees the hygienic standards of DojoCoworking for everyone.

This protocol is a constant work in progress due to the fact that everyday we are learning something new about this exceptional situation.

It is in everyone’s hands to respect these rules.


Reservations will be made only through the mail

To avoid any contact, the access will be done through the app assigned to each coworker to avoid contact.

The entrance will be equipped with dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel and gloves.


Disinfection will be carried out daily with special emphasis on all shared spaces.

Hygiene and health

The best way to avoid contamination is to wash your hands frequently. We strongly advise to continuously wash your hands.

The mandatory use of masks will be given by the health authorities.

We recommend bringing your own utensils, both office and kitchen, such as charges, pens, plates and cups.

Social Distancing

In the work area, we have limited the capacity, so that there are only 2 people per work island.

In order to respect the social distancing policy, we are limiting the capacity of all common spaces such as kitchen, meeting room and ret area.

We are installing signs throughout the spaces with information on the new capacity allowed and reorganizing the furniture to facilitate compliance.


We highly recommend reducing the presence of external visitors to the space. Whenever possible we advise you to make video calls instead of face-to-face meetings.

Packages and Parcels

To ensure the safety, we advise to our coworkers reduce the delivery of parcels at the office. The few essential packages arriving at the coworking will be kept in quarantine and they will not be distributed until after 24 hours from their arrival.



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