Basis 2x1 - Dojo

Basis 2×1

  • For contracting any plan (Full or Advanced) in the period from 9 to 16 August.
  • The promotion will consist of hiring two months (Full or Advanced Plan) for the price of one month.
  • Valid to enjoy in the months of August, September or October from the hiring of any plan (Full or Advanced). Example: If you hire the Advanced plan on 15 August, you can enjoy the promotion until 15 October.
  • The promotion will begin to be effective from the day of contracting any of the plans (Full or Advanced).
  • The Coworker who signs the contract will be the beneficiary of the promotion, and may not be transferable to another person.
  • No changes to the plans may be made once contracted.
  • Non-refundable promotion after hiring.
  • Valid only for new Coworkers.
  • Offer valid until full capacity.


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